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Exemplary Projects at the Miðborg-Hlíðar Service Centre | 27.11.2013

Miðborg-Hlíðar Service Centre received the National Quality Awards from the Icelandic Lifelong Learning Programme National Agency...


Children‘s Rights parade and Cultural Gathering | 20.11.2013

The annual Children’s Rights Parade by pre-school and compulsory school students will be held today, November 20th the anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


New newsletter from the Department of Education and Youth | 13.11.2013

The Department of Education and Youth recently published their latest newsletter.


Better Reykjavik | 13.11.2013

Better Neighbourhoods (Betri Hverfi) is now accepting ideas for 2014 on Better Reykjavik website. Send ideas on how to...


Crafts and Design Trade Fair at Reykjavik City Hall | 08.11.2013

Crafts and Design Trade Fair has begun at the City hall and this time, the place is divided into two parts and will last for ten...


New equipment and devices for schools and leisure activities | 08.11.2013

According to the new financial plan of the City of Reykjavik for 2014, there will be a budget for school equipment and devices again.


Neighbourhood Councils of Laugardalur, Háaleiti and Bústaðir are advertising for applications for grants | 07.11.2013

The Neighbourhood councils of Laugardalur area and Haaleiti and Bustadir area draw attention to the grants available for application...


Best for families to live in Reykjavik | 31.10.2013

Fees for educational services in Reykjavik will increase by 5.70% on average next year according to the proposed financial plan of the city in 2014. But despite...


Educational fees, assistive devices and equipment grants for disabled people | 30.10.2013

The Reykjavik Department of Welfare calls attention to the right of people to apply for grants...


The mural ‘Concrete Manifestation’ unveiled on the Apartment Building of Jorufell | 28.10.2013

The Reykjavík Art Museum invited Breiðholt residents and other Reykjavík people to the formally unveiling of the...


Ylstrond Geothermal Beach offers additional opening hours | 25.10.2013

The Geothermal beach, Ylstrond, in Nautholsvik will be open on three more Saturdays until the year ends...


Outside Cinema in Arbaer | 23.10.2013

The teenagers at Tian Social Centre organized an outside cinema for their peers in Arbaer. Several people joined in...


Ghosts, Witches and Skeletons at Miðberg Leisure Centre | 21.10.2013

The ghosts and witches attended the Halloween party at Miðberg today. The participants enjoyed listening to ghost stories, going to the Witches’ café, and going through the Haunted Hall.


Arbaer Swimming Pool closed today | 21.10.2013

Due to maintenance, Arbaer Swimming Pool is closed today, October 21st.


Open Meeting on Community Activities | 18.10.2013

There will be an open meeting about community activities at Gerðuberg on October 22nd at 14:00 hrs. The discussion will be on...


Thai culture and language at Café Lingua | 18.10.2013

The atmosphere at Café Lingua will be colourful and lively on Monday 21st of October at 5.30 pm, Main Library, Tryggvagata 15...


Family Winter Holidays | 17.10.2013

On October 18, 21 and 22 all primary schools in Reykjavik are closed for Winter Holiday. Around 14,000 children ages 6-16 years old are enjoying their vacation...


The City Council approves emergency relief aid to Syria | 16.10.2013

The Reykjavik City Council has unanimously approved in their meeting to provide financial assistance that equals to...


Street lights will be turned off to have a better view of the Aurora Borealis | 15.10.2013

Northern Lights are greatly expected to be active this evening therefore street lights will be turned off in four areas...


Additional Counselling Services for Immigrants | 14.10.2013

The Reykjavik Human Rights office has provided immigration advice and information services for several years now...


City employees have been trimming trees like champs! | 07.10.2013

City employees have been trimming tree branches that have overgrown their spaces in the city area. For safety reasons, it is necessary to clear the obstructions...


Today is the last day of the Construction Exhibit in Reykjavik | 07.10.2013

The exhibit on construction projects in Reykjavik ends today. Located at the City hall, the exhibit highlights the construction...


Paper is NOT Garbage | 03.10.2013

Paper is Not Garbage reminds everyone that after October 10th, if paper and cardboard are disposed in green and grey bins, all the trash in those bins will NOT be...


Reykjavik Reads Festival began at Hlemmur Bus-terminal | 03.10.2013

Reykjavik Reads – Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature hosts its second Reykjavik Reads Festival in October. The festival this year is entitled ‘Ljóð í leiðini’ (Poetry in Motion)...


The Women‘s Story Circle: Unveiling of the art work and 5th anniversary | 03.10.2013

The Women’s Story Circle will present Kaffitár with a painting made by the group on Sunday, October 6th at 1 pm in the National Museum of Iceland...


The City Council approves measures against Gender-based Wage Bias | 02.10.2013

Yesterday, the City Council unanimously approved the mayor’s proposal on the measures against gender-based wage disparities...


Companies want to build in Reykjavik | 01.10.2013

The Construction Exhibition in Reykjavik will be held on October 2nd-7th at the city hall and is well participated by several companies...


Happiness is the best! | 27.09.2013

Today, September 27th is the last happy lunch hour at Reykjavik City Hall today. The happy lunch hour will start at 12:15 hrs.


Open House at Iðjuberg Art Group Exhibits | 25.09.2013

Iðjuberg Art Group Exhibits will have an open house at Gerðuberg 1 from 16:00-18:00 hrs on Thursday, September 26th...


Coordinated Purchase Agreement in School Cafeterias | 25.09.2013

The City Of Reykjavik is currently developing a data bank that will be used to unify the cities school lunch programmes...


Teens and Illicit Drugs | 23.09.2013

On the first meeting of ‘Náum áttum’ ("Let’s find ways together" Compass-information and prevention group) this Wednesday, September 25th...


Don‘t miss out on Happy Lunch Hour today | 20.09.2013

The Happy Lunch Hour will be held between 12:15-12:45 hrs today, Friday September 20th at Reykjavik City Hall...


Roller Disco at the City Hall today, Friday | 20.09.2013

The City Hall’s underground parking lot will get a new look when it turns into roller disco place between 17:00 – 20:00 hrs today...


Movie workshop at Cinema Paradise | 19.09.2013

There will be aMovie Workshop for children and teenagers in Reykjavik compulsory schools this autumn....


Culture Days in Arbaer are about to start | 19.09.2013

The Culture Days in Arbaer starts on Sunday, September 22nd and there will be various activities in the programme for...


How do we secure the rights of all the children regardless of their background? | 18.09.2013

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) had been ratified in Iceland on Febrary 20th, 2013...


Reykjavik Main Library closed from Sept. 18th until 23rd | 18.09.2013

Self Service Machines in city libraries will be used in September and October. The installation includes replacing bar codes on books with microchips.


Icelandic and Spanish Culture at Café Lingua | 13.09.2013

Kristinn R. Ólafsson will lead the discussion in Café Lingua about the similarities and differences of Icelandic and Spanish culture on Monday, September 16th at 17:30 hrs.


Improve your Neighbourhood! | 13.09.2013

Residential meetings on local planning will be held on eight areas of Reykjavik city in the coming weeks. The new project, Neighbourhood Planning or ‘Hverfisskipulag’...


FRAM Sports School for 18 month - 6 year old children starts on Sept. 14th | 06.09.2013

FRAM Sports School for children between 18 months to 6 years old starts on Saturday, September 14th at Álftamýrarskóli and Ingunnarskóli.


Warning Against Sea Swimming in Nauthólsvík Beach | 05.09.2013

Due to maintenance on Skeljanes Pumping Station, the Reykjavik Health Surveillance warns the public against sea swimming on the neighboring areas of the pumping station and at Nauthólsvík Beach today ...


Department of Education and Youth begins advertising for grant applications | 04.09.2013

Reykjavik School and Leisure Council’s Developmental Fund is now advertising for grant applications for the year 2014. The fund will be allocated specifically to projects which focus on promoting mult...


"Good day" Day | 02.09.2013

“Good day” Day is today and people are encouraged to be especially nice to their neighbours and greet them. This is to promote friendliness among neighbours and to uphold this Icelandic tradition.


Provisions for 30 children from the nursery, Leikskólinn 101 | 31.08.2013

In the past few days, the Reykjavik Department of Education and Youth has worked on looking for nurseries or day care providers for the children who are registered at a temporarily closed...


Cooperation with Mother Tongue Association on Bilingualism | 26.08.2013

On August 22, a collaboration agreement between Mother Tongue Association on Bilingualism and Reykjavik Department of Education and Recreation (SFS) was formalised. SFS has agreed to provide three...


Playschool closed during Child Protection Investigation | 23.08.2013

The playschool, Leikskólinn 101 has temporarily been closed while the investigations by Child Protection Services in Reykjavik are ongoing. They are currently...


Final preparations for Culture Night underway | 20.08.2013

The final preparations for Culture Night are now underway. The Culture Night Programme this year will be as fantastic as always...


Outdoor market in Laugardal | 15.08.2013

Come and take part in a fun-filled neighbourhood ambience. Outdoor market of Laugardal’s Residents’ Association in Sólheimar (by Skjöldungur Scout Lodge and Sólheimar buildings)


The school year begins on August 22nd | 14.08.2013

Over 1500 children start their first grade this autumn, which is more than last year. In general, there will be over 14000 children and teenagers in the city's compulsory schools...


Grants from the Hot Pot finally distributed | 09.08.2013

The grants from the Hot Pot were formally distributed at a gathering in Eddufell this noon. Elsa Hrafnhildur Yeoman, chairman of the city council, handed over the grants to applicants with diverse pro...


Reykjavik Pride Parade – Road Closures | 08.08.2013

The Reykjavik Pride Parade and the festivities along with it will be held on Aug. 10th. Due to this, huge crowds are expected to stream into the city centre hence the unavoidable traffic disturbance.....


Summer prolonged in Skolavordustigur Street | 07.08.2013

The Mayor has agreed that Skolavordustigur Street shall be a summer street until August 26th. Business owners and residents on the street have sent the petition. The street was to be open for vehicles...


Various fun-filled activities at Árbæjarsafn (Arbaer Museum) during Merchants’ Weekend | 02.08.2013

The programme is organized for young people, but everyone is naturally welcome to enjoy and participated in events offered by the city in this most-travelled holiday weekend of the year!


Mayor Jón Gnarr in the Global Human Rights Conference in Antwerp | 01.08.2013

Jón Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik is now in Antwerp, Belgium where he took part on an international conference on human rights. The conference was organized by the Antwerp Human Rights Team...


Large crowd attended ‘SlutWalk’ rally | 31.07.2013

The ‘Slutwalk’ annual demonstration was held for the third time in the city centre last Saturday, July 27th. Around 5000 participants joined the rally in the past year but more participants managed to...


Application deadline for the Hot Pot is almost up | 31.07.2013

Time is running out for submitting applications for the Hot Pot grants and the deadline is August 1st. The Hot Pot project is an opportunity for young adults in Breiðholt to finance a project...


Reykjavík Culture Safari | 09.07.2013

The cultural life in the center of Reykjavík will be introduced in guided walking tours in English, Polish, Spanish, Thai and Filipino on Thursday 11th of July, at 8 p.m. The walk takes about an hour,...


Icelandic Museum Day on Sunday | 05.07.2013

The annual Icelandic museum day will be held on Sunday, July 7th along with museums around the country. The following museums will be open on this occasion: Reykjavik City Library...


Sirkus street festival in the city centre | 05.07.2013

On July 5-14th the streets of Reykjavik come alive with the fabulous sights and sounds of some of the worlds best street performers...


Comenius project on democracy and civic awareness | 03.07.2013

Reykjavik Department of School and Youth and the authorities in Forence, Italy are collaborating for a project on democracy and civic awareness funded by...


Food Market in Lækjartorg | 03.07.2013

Fresh cheese produced from farms, Svandís Kandís, Saltverk, Sandholt Bakery, Bergsson mathús and Búrið deli store are among the companies which will take part in the food market...



Exhibition and literary programs with Icelandic writers at Reykjavik City Hall and literary lunch hour program in Harpa...


Statement from Reykjavik City | 25.06.2013

Due to the media coverage on an issue about a leisure centre employee, the City of Reykjavik would like to implement...


Smurf Fun at the Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park | 21.06.2013

The Global Smurfs Day was celebrated at the Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park on Saturday, June 22nd. It is celebrated worldwide to...


Bicycle city flourishes this summer | 21.06.2013

Freedom, time flexibility and money-saver are terms further related to bicycles more than private vehicles at present...


The Mayor received an International Encouragement Award by the Home Peace Run | 20.06.2013

“Isn’t freedom better than war?” asked Mayor Jón Gnarr on the opening ceremony of the Home Peace Run in Hljómskálagir. “Yes!” answered the children from Reykjavik leisure centres in unison. “And are w...


Women‘s Rights Day on June 19th | 19.06.2013

The Women‘s Rights Day will be celebrated today by gathering together at Reykjavik City Hall at 16:00. The parade will begin from Reykjavik City Hall towards...


KÍTÓN Ladies in Viðey for the Icelandic Women‘s Rights Day on June 19th | 19.06.2013

Many of Iceland’s most popular singers and musicians, Ragnheiður Gröndal, Védís Hervör, Lára Rúnars, Hafdís Huld, Ísa­bella Leifsdóttir, Hallfríður Ólafs­dóttir and Gréta Salóme Stefánsdóttir, will pe...


Happy Independence Day | 17.06.2013

The Independence Day celebration began at 11:10 a.m. in Austurvöllur. A bouquet of flowers was placed on the statue of Jón Sigurðsson, the prime minister gave a ceremonial speech and the maid of honou...


Laugardalslaug closed from June 12th-17th | 12.06.2013

Finishing touches are under way for the swimming pool renovations in Laugardalslaug and so it will be closed from June 12th until 16th. An even more elegant Laugardalslaug will be open on June 17th. ...


Fellafest in Fellagarðar on Saturday, June 15th | 11.06.2013

This Saturday, June 15th from 12:00-17:00, an event called “Fellafest” will be held at Fellagarðar (in front of Fellaskóli) in Breiðholt. The plan is to hold this event annually during one of the summ...


Summer activities for children | 10.06.2013

Information about 149 summer workshops for children aged 4-18 can be found in the Summer website of ÍTR (Reykjavík Sports and Recreation Authority). More workshops are added on their list daily. A sea...


Help the ducklings - do not feed the birds by the Lake Tjörnin | 07.06.2013

Ducklings are hatching and can be seen with their parents on the lake Tjörnin. In coming weeks, the ducklings will be growing in numbers. Therefore we ask people not to feed bread to the birds on the ...


Opening hours of places operated by ÍTR (the Reykjavik Sports and Recreation Authority) | 07.06.2013

Summer has come even though it has been quite shy. The opening hours of places operated by ÍTR have changed since Saturday, June 1st. The Reykjavik Zoo & Family Park opens until 18:00 every...


Last days of school year 2012-13 in compulsory schools of Reykjavik | 07.06.2013

The last days of school are being celebrated in compulsory schools in Reykavik and the final one will be this coming Monday, June 10th. This winter, there were about 14 thousand students in compulsor...


Grants for events and performances on Reykjavík Culture Night | 05.06.2013

It is now possible to apply for grants for having an event or performance on the Reykjavik Culture Night which will be held this coming August 24th. The theme of the festival is “Step right in!” which...


Information Centre for Immigrants | 29.05.2013

The Multicultural Congress was held for the second time on November 10, 2012 and was organized by the Reykjavik Human Rights Office. The report from this Congresss is to be presented on Thursday, 30th...


The Women´s Story Circle: Summer excursion | 23.05.2013

Next Sunday, May 26th, we will meet for our annual outing and last meeting of the season of the Story Circle. We will meet at 13.00 o‘clock at the library in Tryggvagata 15 and make a trip to Njarðvík...


Recreating public areas | 30.04.2013

The City of Reykjavik is looking for creative and hardworking individuals and groups to participate in recreating public areas in the city this summer.


Klapparstígur under construction | 29.04.2013

The final stage of reconstructing Klapparstigur has now started. This summer, the part from Skúlagata to Hverfisgata will be thoroughly under construction and after the changes, the street will look s...


Summer activities for children and youth | 26.04.2013

As in previous years, there will be enough offers of exciting leisure activities this summer for children and youth. The summer website of Reykjavik www.itr.is/sumar has now been opened, where you ca...


| 24.04.2013

On Saturday, April 27th, a parliamentary election will be conducted in Iceland. Here you will find the information about the polling stations in both constituencies of Reykjavík.


Reykjavík City Library 90th anniversary and Children's Culture Festival | 24.04.2013

On April 23d - 28th The City Library celebrates its 90th anniversary and Reykjavik Children's Culture Festival


The Reykjavik Children's Culture festival starts today | 23.04.2013

The Reykjavik Children's Culture festival will be held for the third time on the 23rd – 28th of April 2013. The aim of the festival is to promote cultural activities for children and youth in Reykjavi...


Art Without Boundaries April 18th - May 2nd 2013 | 19.04.2013

Art Without Boundaries is an annual art festival promoting the art of people with diabilities and facilitating co-operation between people with and without disabilities. The festival takes place from...


The Earth Day and the "Black Trash Bag" | 18.04.2013

The City of Reykjavik encourages the residents to participate in the beautification weekend on April 20th – 21st by picking debris in their neighborhoods and putting them in a black trash bag. The ci...


Registration for the city´s Work School has started | 16.04.2013

Registration has begun to the Reykjavik Municipal Work School (Vinnuskoli). Parents are responsible for the registration through the portal electronic Reykjavik (e-Reykjavik), same as last year. Deadl...


Client-centered Personal Assistance | 16.04.2013

The City Council has administered the regulation, budget allocation and proposal for implementating the so-called NPA services for the disabled (NPA stands for Client-centered Personal Assistance).


The time of studded tires is running out today | 15.04.2013

The spring is coming and today all vehicle owners should be without studded tires. Drivers are encouraged to replace the tires as soon as possible and be reminded that the police have the authority ...


Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykjavík | 05.04.2013

Jon Gnarr, the Mayor of Reykjavik launched the Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykjavik by going on a sightseeing tour in a horse wagon around the city.


Nóatún temporarily closed | 04.04.2013

Due to the construction of a new heated bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways along Laugarvegur, a short section at Noatun between Laugavegur and Hátún, will be closed to traffic for two weeks.


Voting for projects in the districts of Reykjavik on the 4th -11 of Apríl | 03.04.2013

Electronic election for residents will be conducted in Reykjavik on the 4th – 11th of April for the second time. The residents submitted about 600 ideas concerning projects in the Reykjavik´s distri...


The residents association "Better Breiðholt" invites to a meeting | 03.04.2013

The residents association ,“ Better Breiðholt“ invites you to a meeting with representatives of the candidates in this coming parliament election.


Employment Square proves its worth | 02.04.2013

The first annual report of the Employment Square has been published and it shows that the Action project, which aims to increase the activity and participation of the 18-24 year olds youngsters, is go...


Happy easter - opening hours in Reykjavik | 26.03.2013

Easter is just around the corner and Visit Reykjavik has compiled a list of opening hours of various services around the Easter holidays


The celebration of Reykjavik´s Art Museum | 22.03.2013

Reykjavik Art Museum celebrates its fortieth anniversary on Sunday, the 24th of March at 11am to 5pm.The formal celebrations begin at 2pm. Free admission all day.


An exciting summer activities for teenagers in the 8th grade | 22.03.2013

The city of Reykjavik will offer more leisure activities for teenagers in the 8th grade this summer, but only a few of them will get a summer job. Among the offers that will be available for those in ...


The International Day of Happiness tomorrow | 19.03.2013

The International Day of Happiness will be held for the first time on the 20th of March. The day is held on the initiative of the United Nations and the aim is to emphasize on how important it is for ...


World Women in Iceland – a book about the contribution of immigrant women in Iceland | 18.03.2013

Take part in nominating women of foreign origin that have contributed to Icelandic society.The project World Women in Iceland (working title) aims to make the contribution of immigrant women to Icelan...


Residents in Háaleiti, Laugardalur and Bústaðir | 15.03.2013

"Paper is not garbage"! This aligns with the change in waste collection management in Reykjavik which starts at different times, depending on the district and now it´s the turn of Háaleiti, Laugardalu...


Open meeting with the political parties running in April's parliamentary elections | 14.03.2013

The Multicultural Council of Reykjavík will be hosting an open meeting with the political parties running in April's parliamentary elections on Saturday, March 16, from 13:00-15:00, at Iðnó.


Evaluation for students with Icelandic as a second language | 13.03.2013

Dr. Elin Þöll Þórðardóttir recently introduced her research study which was done in cooperation with the Reykjavik City - Department of Education and Youth.


DesignMarch - 14-17. March | 12.03.2013

Iceland’s most important annual design festival DesignMarch takes place on 13-17. March 2013.


Changed rules on preschool services | 08.03.2013

Rules on preschool services have been changed from the 1st of March 2013. Instead of referring the rules to the Department of Preschool Education, it shall now be referred to the Reykjavík Department ...


Laugardalslaug closed tomorrow | 07.03.2013

Due to the renovations in the swimming pool’s dressing rooms, Laugardalslaug will be closed on the 8th and 9th of March.


School activities disrupted in Reykjavik | 06.03.2013

Parents are encouraged to monitor the weather today and view school websites or other messages from school in case it will be necessary to pick the children up at the end of the school day.


Late home care services and home nursing due to bad weather | 06.03.2013

One can assume that all home care services, home nursing and social services could be late today due to the bad weather. People will be contacted if the services will be canceled because of impassable...


Summer jobs in the City of Reykjavik 2013 | 04.03.2013

The 1st of March the City of Reykjavik opened for applications for summer jobs. All those teenagers born in 1996 and earlier and domiciled in Reykjavik can apply for diverse summer and substitution jo...


Creative women in the Women´s Story Circle | 01.03.2013

The Women‘s Story Circle creates a forum for immigrant women and Icelandic women to exchange anecdotes and be creative together.


Free access to swimming pools and libraries for the unemployed in Reykjavík | 26.02.2013

The City Council has made an agreement that unemployed residents in Reykjavík shall receive social assistance to have free access to swimming pools in the city and library cards throughout the year 20...


Residential meeting in the City Hall today | 25.02.2013

Make Reykjavik an even better city! Residential meeting about the projects in the central district by Better Neighborhoods 2013.


International Mother Tounge Day | 20.02.2013

Reykjavík City Library, in collaboration with “Víðsýni”, presents International Mother Tongue Day on Thursday 21st of February at 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm at the Main Library, Tryggvagata 15.


Residents in Breiðholt, please note! | 15.02.2013

"Paper is not garbage"! This aligns with the change in waste collection management in Reykjavik which starts at different times, depending on the district and now it´s the turn of Breiðholt.


Theatre festival in Breiðholt | 11.02.2013

Five plays were first performed at the theater festival in the recreational centers of Breiðholt last Friday the 8th of February.


Registration for the vegetable garden | 05.02.2013

Registration for the vegetable garden has started. Reykjavik wants to cater the residents who want to rent a vegetable garden on Summer 2013

Kjarvalsstaðir celebrates its 40th anniversary | 01.02.2013

The largest art exhibition ever held in this country will be opened on Saturday, the 2th of February in Kjarvalsstaðir at 4pm. The exhibition is called ‟The flow” and is set up in order to celebrate t...


Do you have an idea on how to improve your neighborhood? | 28.01.2013

The project ‟Better District” is in full swing again and the residents in all neighborhoods of the city are asked to submit ideas for smaller projects in the neighborhoods. Until the 15th of Februar...


Let´s go to Café Lingua | 25.01.2013

Want to hone your language skills, find someone to talk to in your native language or share your Icelandic skills and get to know new languages and cultures?


Successful residential meeting in Breiðholt | 23.01.2013

Just over 150 people attended the residential meeting with Jón Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavik and city officials, at the Gerðuberg Cultural Center in Breiðholt last night. The meeting was constructive ...


Paper is not garbage | 23.01.2013

This year, residents of Reykjavík will stop throwing paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and office paper in the general waste bins. Paper is a resource which should be disposed in the recycling ...


Jón Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavik meets the residents of Laugadalur today | 14.01.2013

Jon Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavik will hold meetings with the residents of all the Reykjavík districts from 14th – 29th January. The first meeting will be today in Laugardalur, at 5pm in Laugalækjars...


Rent benefits | 08.01.2013

Attention should be noted that according to the law on rent nr. 138/1997 the application for rent benefits should be renewed annually in the beginning of each year and is valid until the end of the sa...


City of Reykjavik will not collect Christmas trees | 07.01.2013

City of Reykjavik will not collect Christmas trees from its residents as it has done in the past few years. However, the trees,are ideal for recycling and people are encouraged to submit them to the r...


Cooperation in culture, language and literacy in Fellahverfi | 03.01.2013

Today the Personal staff of Fellaskóli and the kindergartens, Ösp and Holt in the neighbourhood of Fellin held a joint staff day and learnt about multicultural teaching methods and ways to promote lit...


Family mornings at the library | 02.01.2013

Reykjavík City Library invites families with children from 0-6 years old to come to the library and enjoy a relaxed time together. The program is informal and about various topics. The library has toy...


Gift wraps in the blue bin | 21.12.2012

Christmas wrappings needs to be sorted out from other waste but can be thrown in the blue bin with other paper and paperboard. Stark red paper should not be classified for recycling where the color c...


Jóns Sig og Ómar Guðjóns perform at Hlemmur | 21.12.2012

Two of our most beloved musicians, Jónas Sig and David Bjarnason will be hanging out at Hlemmur Reykjavík tomorrow the last Saturday before Christmas.


Bonfire on New Year’s Eve | 19.12.2012

Bonfire on New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik will be held at ten locations in the Reykjavik area and will start at 8.30pm except in Úlfarsfell that will start at 2.30pm.


Christmas concert in the City Hall | 18.12.2012

The third concert with young classic musicians will be in the City Hall today, December 18th. The idea is to give young musicians oppurtunity to perform and to give people chance to listen to live cla...


Tariff changes for preschools, leisure centers and school meals | 14.12.2012

January 1st 2012 tariff will change for preschool, leisure centre and school meals. Fees will rise in accordance with city council decision and financial planning for next year.


The Beautiful Yule Town at Ingólfstorg | 14.12.2012

The Grand Opening of the Beautiful Yule Town, will be on Friday 14 December 15:30. The opening ceremony is full of exciting events, beautiful music and mouth-watering delicacies.


City of Reykjavik offers 325 jobs for unemployed | 13.12.2012

Mayor of Reykjavik, Jón Gnarr, and the Minister of Welfare, Guðbjartur Hannesson, signed a contract yesterday on participation in job scheme 2013.


Christmas in the mountains: Storytelling and theater - Sunday the 16th of December 2pm | 12.12.2012

Actress Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, along with two angels, tells a creative Christmas story for the whole family next Sunday at 2pm at Reykjavik Art Museum – Ásmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum.


Opening of the Christmas forest in the City Hall at 3.00pm | 11.12.2012

Opening of the Christmas forest is today, 11th of December at 3.00pm in the City Hall. There are 70 Christmas trees that create a true Christmas atmosphere in the pondhall but the theme of the forest ...


Christmas songs, "jólaglögg" and language speed dating in Café Lingua | 10.12.2012

Christmas is near and we therefore invite you all to a festive atmosphere at Café Lingua Monday 10th of December at 5pm. Coffee, gingerbread, "jólaglögg", language speed dating and Christmas songs.


Freedom Lantern at the Pond Tjörnin | 10.12.2012

Polska, Polish association in Iceland will celebrate the International Human Rights Day by lightning 150 hot air lanterns into the sky on Monday, December 10th 2012, starting at 5pm by the Pond.*


A call for grant applications | 06.12.2012

Immigration council announces for application for grants from the Ministry of Immigration


Hanging around at Hlemmur | 05.12.2012

Hlemmur has been decorated in the spirit of the movie, Christmas Vacation which means that emphasis is on quantity over quality in Christmas decoration.


Christmas in Laugardalur | 03.12.2012

The Advent in Laugardalur offers many events for the whole family. In beautiful surroundings families can enjoy themselves; visit Reykjavik zoo and family park, go iceskating in the Skating Hall, visi...


Christmas at the Reykjavik City Museum 2012 | 30.11.2012

Immerse yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of a traditional Icelandic Christmas at the Reykjavik City Museum. It will open next Sunday the December 2nd and be open the Sundays of 9th and 16th ...


Peaceful dance event in Viðey on Saturday December 1st | 29.11.2012

Peace and multiculturalism in Viðey There is almost nothing better to bring generation together and people of different origin than dance. The idea behind the multicultural event in Viðey next Satur...


Lighting of the Christmas Tree December 2nd | 29.11.2012

A favourite Christmas happening in Reykjavik is the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in Reykjavik taking place at Austurvöllur Park from 15:30 to 17:00, Sunday December 2nd.


New Strætó App for iPhone and Android | 28.11.2012

The bus company Strætó bs have started offering an app for smartphones, both iPhones and Android phones.


Reykjavik against Violence | 28.11.2012

Yesterday the 26th of November a sixteen days of global action against gender-based violence was launched. Members of the Human Rights Council and City staff have come together to discuss gender-based...


Christmas in Reykjavík | 26.11.2012

This year, Reykjavík city takes the Christmas preparation a step further by enhancing the Christmas City in collaboration with various partners. The beautiful decorations and delightful new events wil...


The Breiðholt Congress – looking towards the future | 26.11.2012

The 2nd Breiðholt congress will be held on Wednesday the 28th of November at 20:00-22:00 in Gerðuberg, cultural centre.


Café Lingua in Reykjavik City Library | 23.11.2012

On Monday the 26th of November former president of Iceland and ambassador of languages for UNESCO, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, will open „Café Lingua“ in Reykjavik City Library at 5pm, on Tryggvagata 15.


The Peer Education gets recognition from Barnaheill | 21.11.2012

Yesterday the 20th of November, Hitt Húsið was awarded for a special contribution to the benefit of children and human rights in a ceremony at Þjóðmenningarhús Culture House).


Classical music in the City Hall | 20.11.2012

Today the 20th of November the concert series „Ungklassík“ (young classics) begins in the City Hall. Students from the music schools in Reykjavik will perform a classical compositions for the public.


Ice skating on the pond in Reykjavik | 19.11.2012

A great condition for ice skating is on the pond in Reykjavik today. The pond is frozen and because of the calm weather for the past few days the ice is flat and smooth for ice skating.


The Week of Utility | 16.11.2012

The Week of utility will be held in Iceland for the first time the week of 17th - 25th November but the goal of this week is to reduce waste and encourage people to utilize better. The utility Week is...


Young Breiðholt | 14.11.2012

People living in Breiðholt are holding a district festival 15th – 18th of November for the tenth time. The caption of the festival is „Young Breiðholt“ (Unga Breiðholt) and refers to youth, enthusias...


Nýtt fjölmenningarráð | 13.11.2012

Í nóvember sl. fór fram kosning í fjölmenningarráð Reykjavíkurborgar. Kosnir voru 7 fulltrúar til setu í ráðinu sem ætlað er að vera ráðgefandi fyrir mannréttindaráð og aðrar stofnanir borgarnnar í m...


Well attended Multicultural congress | 12.11.2012

Reykjavik City‘s Multicultural Congress was held in the City Theater for the second time last Saturday where attendees were well over one hundred.


Weather might cause disruption to school services | 12.11.2012

The weather forecast for the Reykjavík area tomorrow suggests that children might have difficulty attending school. Primary schools will stay open but their services might be disrupted. Parents are th...


Great participation for the Multicultural Congress | 09.11.2012

Different views and opinions will be expressed and discussed on issues relating to immigrants at the Multicultural Congress that will be held for the second time on next Saturday the 10th of November....


Forum on Mother Tongue | 08.11.2012

Meir' en að segja það! a forum on Mother Tongue will be held at Gerðuberg Cultural Center, Saturday November 9th from 13 to 17.


The day against bullying | 07.11.2012

The day against bullying is tomorrow the 8th of November. The day can be used to work with a variety of tasks that will stimulate discussions about bullying and increase awareness of that no one shoul...


The blossom of the teen culture on the Community Center Day | 06.11.2012

Tomorrow the 7th of November youth centers in Iceland and SAMFÉS will stand for the so-called Community Center Day. On that occasion the youth centers in Reykjavik will welcome guests from 6 pm until...


An election meeting at Iðnó | 02.11.2012

The Office of Human Rights announced last September for candidates to Reykjavik´s Multicultural Council. The application deadline was the 20th of October and 15 candidates submitted this time


Parents asked to bring children home from school | 02.11.2012

Because of the weather storm in Reykjavik, parents are asked to bring their children home from school in the end of the school day. Police have announced that people should not be outside unnecessari...


The mayor performing on Iceland Airwaves off-venue | 01.11.2012

Those who don‘t have tickets to Iceland Airwaves don‘t need to despair. Many off-venue concerts are scheduled which are open for everybody and are free of charge. The mayor of Reykjavik, Jón Gnarr, a...


City of Reykjavik budget for the year 2013 introduced | 30.10.2012

Today the City of Reykjavik presented its budget for the year 2013 and a five year plan for 2013-2017.


Día de los muertos at the main library 3rd November | 30.10.2012

Saturday 3rd November HOLA - association of spanish speakers in Iceland will celebrate "Día de los muertos" or "Day of the dead" on the 1st floor of the main library from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.


Iceland Airwaves is just around the corner! | 29.10.2012

One of Reykjavík’s favorite festivals will start this week. Iceland Airwaves is a music festival held in Reykjavík since 1999. It has grown and gained a wide range of fans. Rolling Stone magazine call...


Meeting with residents on social- and planning issues | 26.10.2012

Ice skating at Arnarbakki, christmas market and effective communications were among the topics that was discussed at a short meeting with chairmen of the residents associations in Bakka neighbourhoo...


Importance of leisure activity for children – Brochure in six languages | 24.10.2012

The after school centre, Kampur,have published a brochure on the importance for children and teenagers to participate in organized leisure activities. The brochure is in six languages and discusses th...


The World Square | 24.10.2012

"The World Square (Heimstorgið) is a new service on behalf of Reykjavik City Library. The idea is to provide a platform for cultural and social related activities.


Multicultural Congress 10.November 2012 | 22.10.2012

Reykjavík´s Multicultural Congress will be held on saturday November 10th, in Borgarleikhúsið (City Theatre).


The best European country | 22.10.2012

Iceland has been awarded the Travel Awards 2012 by the Guardian, Observer and guardian.co.uk, nominating Iceland as the best European country.


Advisory Referendum on Iceland Draft Constitution Tomorrow | 19.10.2012

The advisory referendum on whether Iceland should adopt the draft constitution prepared by the Constitutional Council will be held tomorrow. Around 11,000 people have already cast their votes in pre-e...


The World Square - La Plaza del Mundo | 19.10.2012

The World Square (Heimstorgið) is a new option in the Reykjavik City Library and its purpose is to provide a platform for cultural and social related events. Once in a month, on Saturday, the members ...


Information desk for immigrants in the primary schools of Breiðholt | 17.10.2012

Over the next few weeks staff of the City Service Center in Breiðholt will operate an information desk in the primary schools of Breiðholt where parents can obtain practical information concerning the...


Lullaby and „Pollapönk“ on reading festival | 16.10.2012

Lulllabies will be the main focus in many kindergartens on the reading festival during October. The reading festival is an event that is part of Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature. The schools have b...


Information desk in the primary schools of Breiðholt | 12.10.2012

Over the next few weeks staff of the City Service Center in Breiðholt will operate an information desk in the primary schools of Breiðholt where parents can obtain practical information concerning the...


Reykjavik‘s city center as a part of cultural heritage | 10.10.2012

In a Spanish magazine on architecture, Márgenes Arqitectura, it is proposed that Reykjavik‘s city center will be placed on UNESCO The World Heritage List. The magazine is published by Spanish architec...


Lady Gaga among those receiving recognition from LENNONONO Peace Foundation on 9th October | 08.10.2012

The 9th of October 2012, Yoko Ono will grant five international peacemakers recognition from the LENNONONO GRANT FOR PEACE. The recognition is awarded every two years in Reykjavik and this is the fo...


Would you like to be a candidate in Reykjavík´s Multicultural Council ? | 05.10.2012

Reykjavík´s Multicultural Congress will be held saturday november 10th, in Borgarleikhúsið (City Theatre).


A birthday celebration in Fellaskóli | 04.10.2012

Fellaskóli celebrates its 40 year birthday on Friday the 5th of October.


Our Children and Ourselves | 02.10.2012

A new booklet entitled "Our Children and Ourselves," has been published in Icelandic, Polish and English.


Our Children and Ourselves | 01.10.2012

A new booklet entitled "Our Children and Ourselves," has been published in Icelandic, Polish and English.


Hringþing (e. Ring council) on education for immigrants | 27.09.2012

Last 14. September was held a so called Ring council about education for immigrants. The aim of this council was to create platform to discuss education for immigrants.


Would you like to be a candidate in Reykjavík´s Multicultural Council ? | 26.09.2012

Reykjavík´s Multicultural Congress will be held saturday november 10th, in Borgarleikhúsið (City Theatre).


Study café – homework assistance at the library | 24.09.2012

Heilahristingur (literally: shake-your-brain) is a homework assistance program for 5th to 10th grade students and students from the immigrant department of Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholti (F.B.). The ...


Park(ing) day and the Reykjavik City library | 20.09.2012

Reykjavik City library participates in the Park(ing) day next Friday the 21th of September at 3-5pm. The library will be introduced to pedestrians who will be offered „green books“ which are gift from...


Pass the Word | 19.09.2012

Reykjavik UNESCO´s City of Literature holds a festival in Reykjavik called “Pass the Word” for the first time in October. The festival will be ongoing for the whole month of October. The main purpose ...


A call for grants applications | 19.09.2012

The School and leisure council announces a call for grants applications from its development fund. The goal is to support various projects that promote collaboration, research and innovation in each o...


Would you like to be a candidate for a seat on Reykjavik's Multicultural Council? | 17.09.2012

During the congress there will be elections for seats on Reykjavik's Multicultural Council. The Multicultural Counsil consists of 7 council members and 7 alternates. All immigrants 18 years of age an...


On the right track – that‘s how I travel in the city | 17.09.2012

On the occasion of the European mobility week, the 16th to 23th of September, Reykjavik City has launched a Photography contest. The theme of the contest is environmentally friendly transportation un...


Family's cycle adventure on Sunday | 13.09.2012

On Sunday the 16th of September there will be a bicycle trip with guidance under the caption „Family's cycle adventure“.


Let's read the papers! | 12.09.2012

Do you want to read the Icelandic newspapers and understand what’s going on in Iceland?


The City of Reykjavik will continue to work against the gender pay gap | 10.09.2012

For years the development of gender-based wage difference in City of Reykjavik have been observed with regular surveys, that has made it possible to respond in an organized manner.


Outdoor time for children and teenagers | 06.09.2012

It is worth reminding parents and guardians that at September 1st the outdoor time was changed from 10pm to 8pm for children at the age of 12 and younger. And children at the age of 13-16 are not al...


Mazen Maarouf in Reykjavík City Library | 05.09.2012

Thursday 6th of September at 5pm writer Sjón will talk to Mazen Maarouf, Palestinian poet and Reykjavík’s first ICORN guest writer in Reykjavík City Library, Main Library, Tryggvagata 15.


Erró for everybody | 31.08.2012

In relation to the 80th Birthday of Icelandic artist Erró, Reykjavik Art Museum will host a series of events this coming fall semester. Events include workshops, lectures and talks that will offer a f...


Adult Education In Reykjavik | 30.08.2012

Studies at Adult Education in Reykjavik (Námsflokkar Reykjavíkur) begins the 3rd of September. Applications for the studies are now in progress. Available are classes in Icelandic, Mathematics and En...


More integration between school and leisure activities in Fellaskóli | 29.08.2012

An Experimental project is beginning in Fellahverfi (Breiðholt) and will remain for two years. The project aims to integrate school and leisure activities and support foreign school children.


New skateboard park | 29.08.2012

Next week the City of Reykjavík will hold a presentation of a new skateboard park in Laugardalur which has been in progress this summer.


Grants | 27.08.2012

The goal of the grants is to strengthen and create cooperation with NGO´s, businesses and individuals in constructive activities and services in accordance with the city‘s policies and priorities. The...


The Harbour Path | 24.08.2012

One of the most interesting walking paths today has been marked from Harpa-The Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre to Grandagarður.

Fireworks on Culture Night
On Culture Night, which is on next Saturday the 18th of august, guests are invited to take a walk downtown Reykjavik to enjoy many of its cultural events.
summer street
Let´s take a picture of the life on the summer streets, Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur, and share it on Facebook or send us an email of your best shot.
Hitt Húsið
City council has agreed to provide 10.8 million ISK for leisure activities for disabled high school students.
Notendastýrð persónuleg þjónusta
Disabled people who need assistance in their daily life should be able to choose how this service is provided. This is the vision of the City of Reykjavik.
A car that has been parked
Longer opening hours in car park houses, free parking spaces for bicycles and a fee rise in zones 1, 2 and 4 are among the changes in the car park services these days.
Children´s day in Viðey
Sunday July 29. On this day Viðey welcomes in particular the yongest members of the family and the program of the day is designed to meet their needs.
City of Reykjavik
The City of Reykjavik has started to identify its residents through island.is
Gönguferð um Viðey
Viðey´s history of thousand years will be revealed with rev. Þórir Stephensen former manager of Viðey island. Viðey was inhabited from soon after the settlement of Iceland around 900 AD.
The Reykjavík Art Museum in Hafnarhús will celebrate the 80th birthday of the artist Erró with an extensive program on Thursday the 19th of July.
In this weeks's Tuesday walk, on July 17. guests will be instructed on Outdoor Yoga.
A duck with its ducklings
The ducks on the pond Tjörnin flourish these days as it seems to be more of them now than previous years.
Accordion player at Árbæjarsafn
Next Sunday the popular accordion festival in Reykjavik will be held in Árbæjarsafn (Arbaer museum) and begins at 1.00 pm.
Troubadour and musician KK in concert.
The troubadour and musician KK gives a performance in Viðeyjarstofa the 12th of july.
More choices in recycling in the City of Reykjavik
In recent years a major change of attitude has been within the society towards classification and recycling materials from the general household waste.
Kids in Arbaer museum
The annual Icelandic museum day will be held on Sunday, 8th of july along with museums around the country. On this occasion there will be free admission to Árbæjarsafn (Arbaer museum).
Of Monsters and Men
The band Of Monsters and Men will perform a concert in Hljómskálagarðurinn by the Pond (Tjörnin) in Reykjavik on the 7th of July. The concert will be a sober family event that starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm.
The artist Ragnar Helgi Olafsson exhibits a multi-channel video and at least one piece rotating under the name, Axis Mundi (for Sydney).
Listasafn Reykjavíkur - Reykjavik art museum
Do you know where the museums and libraries, theatres, statues and the most interesting places are? What is free of charge?
National horse festival
The festival includes various classes of competition ranging from children’s to the A and B classes where top riders and horses will display the different gaits of the Icelandic horse.
The band Of Monsters and Men. Picture:Paradigm Agency
The City of Reykjavik Council has agreed to fund the band, Of Monsters and Men, to give a concert in Hljómskálagarðurinn by the Pond or Tjörnin in Reykjavik on the 7th of July.

Ingólfstorg square
This summer operators at Ingólfstorg (square) will take care of the Square in an agreement with the City of Reykjavik.
Trip Advisor
Yesterday Reykjavik Art Museum (Listasafn Reykjavíkur ) achieved The Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the year of 2012.
Summer fun at Laugavegur
From the 17th of June two streets in Reykjavik´s Centre will be closed for automobile traffic, Laugavegur below Vatnsstíg and Skólavörðustígur below Bergstaðastræti.
Fjallkonan (The mountain women)
The Icelandic Independence Day celebrations in Reykjavík 2012 will take place in the city centre on Sunday the 17th of June from 10 o´clock in morning until 7. p.m.
Ducks with ducklings.
Ducklings are hatching and can be seen with their parents on the pond Tjörnin and every day the ducklings are growing in numbers. It is important to help the ducks protect their young ones and therefore we ask people not to feed bread to the birds on the pond at this sensitive time of the year.
All 9th and 10th grade primary school students in Reykjavik are offered a summer job from the Reykjavik Municipal Work School.
New born harbour seal
Two harbour seals pups are now swimming in the seal pool of the Reykjavik family park and zoo.
Höfdi house
The city of Reykjavík has decided to open Hofdi house for visitors this summer. The house will be open between 11 and 16 5 days a week but will be closed on weekends.
The mayor at the tournament
Jon Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavík, started the global swimming event that began in Laugardalslaug this week. The competition is called IGLA Championships (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics).
The encouragement prize
The department of school and leisure activity has initiated an encouragement prize for leisure activity by the SFS.
City of Reykjavik
The City Council has agreed that unemployed people will continue to receive free access to swimming pools and free library cards.
Ash Mist
A mist of ash has been over the capital the past few days. The ash mist comes from the volcanic ash area on the eastern side of Iceland.
Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Garden in Reykjavík offers citizens mornings in the vegetable garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Human Rights Award
The Art Without Borders Festival the City won the Reykjavik Human Rights Award for 2012 at a ceremony in Hofda on May 16.
Reykjavik Art Festival is Iceland's premier cultural festival, bringing together the best in local and international theatre, dance, music and visual art. It started on May 18 and will continue until June 3.
Intercultural Day
A large crowd attended the Intercultural Day Festival held on Saturday, May 12.
The Intercultural Day 12 May
The program will start at 13:00 with a parade from the Hallgrimskirkja. The parade will go down Skolavordustigur down to City Hall.
Morning Meeting on Immigration
The native language is all about emotions that need to grow. This was amongst the discussion at the meeting, “Is Icelandic a prerequisite for participation in society”?
At Noaborg
Reykjavík City Council and the department of education and youth have agreed to increase the number of planning days in Reykjavík pre-schools from five to six each school year.
From the award ceremony 2011
The City´s school and youth committee calls for nominations for motivational awards for development and innovation activities within the city´s compulsory schools.
Children in Reykjavik are of various nationalities and speak at least 70 languages.
Is Icelandic a prerequisite for participation in society? This is the title of the breakfast hosted by the Team on Immigration Issues on May 9.
Craft and Design Show
From May 3-7 2012 there will be a large demonstration/presentation of Icelandic handicrafts, art, and design in the Reykjavik City Hall.
There will be a fun gathering for Spanish-speaking families on Saturday, May 5, from 11:00 to 13:00. We will be grilling together, so all bring something to put on the grill.
At Laugardalslaug
1 May is Labour Day and that is a bank holiday in Iceland. Which means that many shops and activity places are closed. However, two swimming pools will be open.
Let´s talk - an open meeting of the immigration community
The Human Rights Office invites the immigration community in Reykjavik to an open meeting on Thursday the 26 April at The Nordic House (Norræna húsið).
Children at play in summer activities
Letter was sent to all parents on summer activities for children and teenagers (aged 5-18 years old) for the summer 2012.
Children in summer activity progamme
Reykjavík Sports and Youth Council offers summer activities for immigrant children, aged 6-9 year old. These are three-week programs that are free of charge.
Kids at play at the construction playground
During the summer of 2012 Reykjavik´s Sports and Youth Council (ÍTR) will offer exciting activities for children and adolescents aged 5-18 years old.
Students at the Work School
All students in ninth and tenth grade at compulsory school in Reykjavik are offered employment in the Work School.
The first day of summer is tomorrow and there will be varieties of summerfestivals in Reykjavík. In Bláfjöll (Blue Mountains) Ski resort children 12 years and younger will get free admittance in the ski lifts and free ski rental.