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Increased Services for Immigrants in Reykjavik

In order to increase immigrant access to city services, to promote civic empowerment and to enhance immigrant participation, the city of Reykjavik offers information and counselling to immigrants living in Reykjavik.

Barbara J. Kristvinsson offers information, advice and general counselling to immigrants in Reykjavik. To make an appointment with Barbara phone 4 11 41 55, or stop by at her office on Tungata 14.

Joanna Marcinkowska is the city‘s Polish speaking service representative. To speak with Joanna phone 4 11 11 40.

If you are an immigrant living in Reykjavik we can inform and help you:

  • Identify which city services are available to you and help you access those services, such as financial assistance, rent benefits, social workers.
  • Learn about your rights and obligations
  • Find solutions in family matters, e.g. child support, divorce and custody.
  • In cases of domestic violence.
  • Regarding residence permits and applying for Icelandic citizenship.
  • Work related issues
  • Find a local organization that can address your needs such as schools of Icelandic and adult education centres, cultural and religious centres, women’s and families help services and leisure and sport clubs.

For more information or to make an appointment contact:

Barbara J. Kristvinsson
4 11 41 51 weekdays from 8:30-16:00.

Joanna Marcinkowska
4 11 11 40 weekdays from 8:30-16:00


Legal Advice
The Icelandic Human Rights Centre (ICEHR) provides free legal counselling for immigrants, located at the ICEHR office at Túngata 14.  The counselling service is open on Wednesdays from 14-20 and Fridays from 9-15. Interpretation is offered free of charge for those who need it.

Appointments may be made by email at info@humanrights.is or by phone: 552 27 20.

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