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The City of Reykjavik

The city is currently developing a budget for next year and grant applications for 2015 are now being accepted.

The goal of the grants is to strengthen and create cooperation with NGOs, businesses and individuals in constructive activities and services in accordance with the city‘s policies and priorities.


Grants will be awarded for projects in the following fields:

• social and welfare affairs

• education, leisure, compulsory school, pre-school, and after-school centre´s

• sports and youth

• human rights

• culture


For instructions on how to apply and applications go to:


Also available on the website is information on grant rules and regulations and information about the city‘s priorities in the various areas of interest.

The application deadline is 1 October and only those applications which are submitted on time and fulfil the regulations will be considered.

During the evaluation process the grant rules and the city‘s Human Rights Policy will be taken into account.

Grant applications for events and projects which have already taken place will not be considered.

Grants for the purchase of real estate or to pay property taxes are not usually awarded.


Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

• defined goals and the likelihood of them being achieved

• whether the project‘s timetable is realistic

• whether it is possible to assess the project‘s progress

• whether remittance forms and prior projects awarded grants have met the minimum requirements

• the expected results and benefits of the project

• budgets and statements of any additional financing must also be submitted.


Grant applications imply that applicants will adhere to city‘s grant rules and regulations.

It is expected that the review and selection process will be completed in early 2015.

Questions and requests for more information may be sent to styrkir@reykjavik.is www.reykjavik.is/styrkir